International Lure Coursing Competition 23.07.2022

23.07.2022. Latvian Winner 2022 - international lure coursing competition (CACIL)

All breeds from FCI Group X, breeds from FCI Group V: Pharaoh & Ibizian Hound, Canarian Podenco, Cirneco Dell'Etna, Basenji and a breed from FCI Group VI: Rhodesian ridgeback can take part in the competition.

Dogs will compete for LV CACL, LV VCACL, CACIL and RCACIL certificates and Best on the field winner prize.

CACIL certificates can be awarded only to dogs from group X. To be allowed to participate in the FCI-CACIL class the dog must have a FCI-CACIL license. For the dogs that do not have a CACIL license yet the show result must be presented for entry in an FCI-CACIL event – at least one ‘very good’ in the following classes: intermediate, open, working or champion class on an international FCI-CACIB dog show.

Place of event

Raiskums (57.375397, 25.099624), LV-4146, Latvija

The judges

Heli Kyrönkari (Finland), Dzintra Staprēna (Latvia), Liene Avotiņa (Latvia)
The organizers have rights to change the judges if necessary.


Field track: natural field
Track length: 650-900 meters

Time schedule

Registration and vet checks:
Saluki, Greyhound, Sloughi, Spanish Greyhound, Afghan Hound, Ibizan Hound, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Italian Greyhound
Cirneco Dell'Etna, Basenji, Whippet
Runs start at 10.00

Please arrive on time for registration and veterinary inspections! No registration and veterinary inspections will be available after the scheduled time, so the dog will not participate in the competition or will participate only after judges’ decision to allow to register the dog for the competition and to pass the veterinary examination after the end of the scheduled time!

Registered dogs:
  • Afghan Hound (4 ♂ + 1 ♀)
  • Ibizan Hound (2 ♂ + 2 ♀)
  • Greyhound (1 ♂ + 0 ♀)
  • Italian Sighthound (0 ♂ + 2 ♀)
  • Saluki (5 ♂ + 4 ♀)
  • Sloughi (1 ♂ + 1 ♀)
  • Spanish Greyhound (0 ♂ + 1 ♀)
  • Cirneco Dell'Etna (1 ♂ + 1 ♀)
  • Whippet (8 ♂ + 12 ♀)
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback (0 ♂ + 2 ♀)
  • Basenji (8 ♂ + 10 ♀)
Total: 66


Please attach to the entry form your membership card if you are a member of Estonian or Lithuanian sighthound club, payment order or guarantee letter, FCI-CACIL or FCI-CSS license or the show result of at least one ‘very good’ in the following classes: intermediate, open, working or champion class in an international FCI-CACIB dog show.

Registration will be closed on 18.07.2022, 23:59

Entry fees

Members of Latvian sighthound club, Lithuanian sighthound club and Estonian sighthound club
(membership card for 2022 should be attached to the registration form):

1st dog = 40 EUR
2nd dog = 38 EUR*
3rd dog = 38 EUR*
4th dog - for free*
5th-7th dog = 38 EUR*

Others (Not members of Latvian, Lithuanian or Estonian sighthound clubs):
1st dog = 45 EUR
2nd dog = 43 EUR*
3rd dog = 43 EUR*
4th dog - for free*
5th-7th dog = 43 EUR

* Discount applies only for the dogs of the same owner.

Payment for the competition should be made to the Latvian sighthound club (LKKK) bank account or a payment guarantee letter should be attached to the registration form.

Account :
Latvijas kurtu un kursinga klubs,
Reg. No. 40008013338,

Payment for the competition will be refunded in the amount of 75% only in case of justified non-appearance validated by a veterinarian (illness, injury, bitch oestrum or in case of death of the bitch/dog). Veterinarian's confirmed statement should be provided not later than three days after the competition day.

Please pick up after your dog and yourself so that no rubbish is left at the place of the event!

Responsibility disclaimer

Neither the organizer, nor the officials are responsible for injuries incurred by the dog owners, the dogs, or the officials. Likewise, they accept no responsibility in case of escaped dogs. The owner of a dog is not responsible if his dog injures another dog during a course. In all other cases the dog owner has the full responsibility for the dog.

General rules

1. Participants agree to comply with the requirements of the organizers.

2. Ensure that only healthy dogs enter the competition. Be sure to check the dog's nail length before the competition.

3. Ensure that the dog is fasted for at least two hours prior to the competition.

4. From the moment of getting out of your vehicle until the end of the competition, dogs should be kept on a short leash. It is strictly forbidden to use "Flexi" type leashes at the place of the event during the competition!

5. The dog must be warmed-up for at least five minutes before running. After running walk or slowly jog with until your dog’s breathing and heart rate return to normal.

6. The handler must follow all instructions of the starter. At the start the dog is let go after the starter’s command. At the finish handler can go after the dog only when starter gives the permission to do so.

7. During the course non-running dogs should be kept on short leashes, in cages or in vehicles (with windows open in the summer or with air conditioner on). The owner or the handler must ensure that their dogs do not endanger themselves or other dogs.

8. If a dog gets free (breakage of the leash, snap, collar, collar buckle), interferes with an ongoing run and injures coursing dogs, the owner or handler of the run-away dog must compensate the owner(s) of the injured dog(s) any material damages suffered.

9. The run-away dog is disqualified according to the Lure Coursing Rules.

10. Photographers who wish to be on the track must coordinate their location with the organizer or judges.

11. It is forbidden to fly drones over the course to avoid disturbing the dogs.

12. The muzzles for the dogs must be in a suitable size and must not be technically damaged. Dogs with unsuitable muzzles will not be allowed to start.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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